Keep the Love Going – Tips for No Stress Weddings

You’ll find a lot of ideas and tips here at regarding love, relationships, romance, weddings, and more! For example, when it comes to planning a wedding, it seems like people tend to stress out – but why? It’s supposed to be a happy time for you, right? One of the best things I ever did in planning my wedding was to start by just keeping things simple – and my fiancé was in agreement.

We reminded themselves that the wedding itself was “just a day” but our commitment to one another was “for a life” and whenever we would feel any type of planning stress, we’d look at each other and say: “Remember, it’s just a day – we are committing to one another for LIFE… not a DAY.” And, interestingly, what people thought was going to be a big event turned out to be a really fun, peace-filled, and love-filled day.

Natural décor – really, our outdoor setting – was the theme, not thousands of dollars of floral arrangements that were just going to wither and die. Food was good, plentiful, and unpretentious – and no matter HOW much money we might have had to spend, it truly didn’t matter.

In other words – less is oftentimes more when it comes to weddings. People talk about having a “dream wedding,” but remember: It really IS “just a day” when you’re talking about “Life.” Enjoy the day, but don’t go insane over it.

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